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No matter the type of UPVC, you need a specialist to maintain, install, repair or replace these types of locks on your door. These locks are known as Multi-Point Locks.

UPVC doors are prone to jamming and sticking and at times can be hard if not impossible to open. When they are properly outfitted with the best locks, this will guarantee that these doors will be in proper working order in the future.

Our technicians carry many types of Multi-Point Locks by the best manufacturers and are experts at installing and repairing them quickly.

In the rare case, they need to order the lock; our technicians will make sure they leave your doors secure and protected from being easily accessed and will return as soon as they have the correct part and install it.

Falkirk Locksmith Service experts highly recommend that you outfit your doors with an Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder. This will make it very hard for a burglar to break-in.